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 “Sometimes it seems the harder you try to hold on to something or someone the more it wants to get away. You feel like some kind of criminal for having felt, for having wanted. For having wanted to be wanted. It confuses you, because you think that your feelings were wrong, and it makes you feel so small because it's so hard to keep it inside when you let it out and it doesn't come back. You're left so alone that you can't explain.” - Henry Rollins
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“There are so many hammocks to catch you if you fall, so many laws to keep you from experience. All these cities I have been in the last few weeks make me fully understand the cozy, stifling state in which most people pass through life. I don't want to pass through life like a smooth plane ride. All you do is get to breathe and copulate and finally die. I don't want to go with the smooth skin and the calm brow. I hope I end up a blithering idiot cursing the sun - hallucinating, screaming, giving obscene and inane lectures on street corners and public parks. People will walk by and say, "Look at that drooling idiot. What a basket case." I will turn and say to them "It is you who are the basket case. For every moment you hated your job, cursed your wife and sold yourself to a dream that you didn't even conceive. For the times your soul screamed yes and you said no. For all of that. For your self-torture, I see the glowing eyes of the sun! The air talks to me! I am at all times!" And maybe, the passers by will drop a coin into my cup.”

or in my case...the crazy cat lady =)
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"What would ever happen if I stopped loving you?"

What is this??? Lizzy actually writing a review of a show in a timely manner? HA! But yes, I am still in the excitement of the weekend and feel that I need to get it all out for you guys while its still fresh in my mind.

I will start off to say that this time around had a slightly different feel to it. I don't want to say that it wasn't as fun as last year or anything, because it definitely was. But there was a mellower vibe...and maybe that was due to the venue being decked out in jeweled toned fabrics and eccentric low voltage lighting. I also felt very different this time around because not only did I have several of the LoD girls I met last year to hang out with, I also had some of my closest friends by my side. The ones that have supported me from day one...the ones who know the words to the songs and sing along with me...the ones who enjoy the music and enjoy being a part of the experience along with me. When you love an artist or a band, it isn't much fun when your friends don't enjoy them as well. Which is why the Land of Dreamers has been so successful to begin gave people a place to enjoy the music with others and make new friends through the power of the music.

After chowing down on some delish food at Fatty's down the street (and slamming a few beers because we thought the venue didn't serve booze) we arrived at The House Cafe and spotted the lovely Phil Taylor outside talking with some fans. We sat and talked a bit, I introduced him to my friends...I quickly got some business discussed (We are still able to play Bobby on Dreamers Radio...yeah!) and then we all headed in to check the place out. Couches and plants...the smell of coffee saturated your senses...and then we spotted the booze and smiled at the fact that we would be able to continue drinking through the night. =) After seeing the rest of the Land of Dreamer girls we went back outside to wait for Bobby to start. (Damn Illinois and their no smoking laws) We met a bunch of new people while outside...some that have heard of the Lod...some that haven't. For some odd reason I always feel weird introducing myself as the 'founder of the LoD'...don't ask me why but when I do say it, I feel like I'm bragging a bit instead of just stating facts. I should be over that by now...but I'm not. But it was nice to be able to meet more people that have graced our site and love what we are doing.

The word was spread that Bobby's guitar had been tuned and he would be taking the stage momentarily. So we went in to find a seat (I grabbed a copy of Bobby's new Live CD - The Dangerous Summer Tour 2009 on the way) and got ready to enjoy the show. Bobby played about 7 songs I believe. I didn't keep track but I can tell you that almost all of them were new to me...songs I have not heard live before or songs that I have never heard before. Phil was standing right next to my husband and we kept asking him the names of the songs...which of course, I did not write down and they have all slipped my mind. There was a little remix of Penance Fire Blues...well at least the beginning was was slower and bluesier. He dedicated In the Frost to my friend Jon, aka smokerlips, aka Bill Cosby...with a little ditty about a sweater that Jon wore to Bobby's show in St Louis. He finished the show with Who have you been lovin'? which in my opinion is one of his greatest songs.

As always, the experience of seeing Bobby perform with the people that I met because of him is priceless. It was so good to see everyone after so many months! lying_solitude my love...thank you for spending the weekend with me and adding to my ongoing list of movies Ive seen this year. hardestxheart you keep a smile on my face whenever you are in my presence! Miss you bb! To all my Chicago girls (who I have no clue what your LJ names are) cheers to cookies and good times! I can't wait to see you next month to do it all over again!

And a huge thank you to my husband for putting up with my shit and to my friend Derek who puts up with all of our shit and still wants to hang out again! =)

Bobby Long...You have ventured into the next phase of your career...I wish you all the best in everything you do. Thank you for your kind words and support Sunday! I look forward to all the future holds for both of us!
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ahhh mr darcy my love...

The book was amazing but the movie has captured my heart! To all the screenwriters out all should read this book and then watch this movie and see that its ok to write a screenplay that mimics the beauty of the book. They didn't cut a single scene...they didn't add plots or action in that completely change the story. they didn't leave out charactors or change charactors. Actually, the cast this movie like the book was written for these actors. Donald sutherland is a perfect mr bennett. And mr darcy...alive and in person is just as beautiful and amazing as the written charactor. This is the first book adaptation that didn't disgrace the author. And more book adaptations should be just like this movie.

Off to watch the movie again with out the distractions of a 3 year old and with a screwdriver and my smokes. :)